About Me

I'm Phil Thompson. When I get obsessed with things, I make art for people who are also obsessed with those things.

When I was 7, I made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drawings and sold them to my classmates. Years later I got into craft beer and made an illustrated map of Chicago's best beer bars. Then I got obsessed with houses and started making home portraits. And so it's continued.

I went to school for international relations, focusing on trade. After graduating, I spent ten years advising companies from Sweden on doing business in the U.S. Eventually I decided to pursue my long-time love for illustration and turn it into a more dedicated venture.

Now through Cape Horn, I go from interest to interest, and share what I make with others. You can see works in progress and failed experiments on Instagram or Facebook.

Other Perspectives: ArchDailyApartment TherapyChicago TribuneChicagoistCurbed, Daily CandyDNAinfo, Modern Luxury InteriorsThrillist


Services on the Digital Side

I love sharing my experiences and helping companies with their digital presence. 

I partner with the web development company Restful Brilliance, run by my good friend Rob. He brings a vast depth and breadth of web development knowledge, and I bring a design sense and my years of online commerce experience.

There are two areas where I provide value to clients on the digital side: 

Shopify (a platform to create and manage an online storefront). As someone who has tried many forms of commerce online, Shopify has been the answer to my prayers and I have been shouting this from the rooftops. With RB, I build Shopify stores and have become part of the Shopify partner program. Recent clients include Tom Bachtell, Illustrator for The New Yorker, Life Fitness, for four of their European markets.

Content Marketing. This is one of the best ways to improve your site's search ranking and drive traffic. It's deceptively simple: Make quality content that is shared easily and generates backlinks to your site. Because the web is visually biased, some of the best forms of content are in my wheelhouse: Infographics, maps, charts. I can help you make compelling visual content for your niche.

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